STIRRED REACTORS with agitation, heating and cooling system

MAGTECH designs and manufactures all types of stirred/agitated reactors in accordance with DIN or ASME regulations, with heating and cooling systems, custom designed for the process. Magtech specializes in cGMP reactors for the API, Chemical, and Biotech Industry.

Capacity from 5 Ltrs. upto the limitations of road transportation.

  • Agitators available with axial flow, radial or combined double flow
  • Design ranges from full vacuum up to 30 bar (g)
  • Design temperature from – 50° C up to + 300° C
  • Designed for working under pressure and temperature cycles
  • Heating / Cooling by double jacket, limpet coil or dimple jacket
  • DQ, IQ and OQ protocols
  • Thermal insulation with stainless steel tight welded cover (Hot & Cold)
  • Agitators Available: Pitch Blade Turbine, Propeller, Anchor and Gas Induction (Hydrogenation application)
  • Load Cell
  • Condensate and reflux systems
  • Vacuum systems
  • Austenitic stainless steels
  • Duplex and super duplex stainless steels
  • Nickel alloys and superalloys
  • Hastelloy and Titanium

-Manual Top Discharge
-Bag Lifting
-Bottom Discharge

Top Discharge

The manual Top Discharge Centrifuge is a basic model where the filtered cake is manually scooped out. This is the most commonly used.


From 12″ Dia. up to 60″ Dia.

Materials of Construction :  SS-316L, SS-304, CS and Hastelloy .

Coating:  Halar (ECTFE), Teflon (PFA), Rubber Lining.

  • Safety device such as zero speed lock for the centrifuge cover
  • Vibration limiter
  • RPM sensor with indicator
  • Pneumatic lid opening system
  • Hydraulic lid or body opening systems
  • Gas tight centrifuge design
  • Nitrogen purging/blanketing with PLC control.
  • Cleaning in place (CIP)
  • Cake thickness sensor
  • 4-point suspension -Centrifuge is mounted on four viscous dampers
  • Variable frequency drive: the operating speeds of the centrifuge are controlled by a variable frequency drive. The standard braking system for this model is dynamic braking
  • Taper lock pulleys: these pulleys are easier to mount and dismount
  • Cake washing nozzles: special spray nozzles with defined conical pattern spray are provided so that the entire surface of the cake is covered uniformly with minimal quantity while maintaining repeatable washing performance
  • Shaft protection sleeve: a stainless steel sleeve is mounted on the exposed part of the shaft to protect it from corrosion
  • Proximity sensor: to prevent the machine from being started while the lid is open a proximity sensor is installed
  • Gas tight design: the machine is constructed to retain a positive pressure of 400mm water column
  • Easy maintenance: the machine design affords minimal maintenance. Greasing points enable easy lubrication of the bearings
Basket diameter mm. 610 915 1220 1524
Basket Depth mm. 300 450 450 500
Working cap under lip ltrs. 50 160 260 450
Basket load(max) Kgs. 63 200 325 563
Max. Basket Revolutions Rpm. 1400 1100 900 850
Centrifugal Force G. 657 609 540 609
Filtration Area m2 0.59 1.29 2.049 2.39
Motor Power Kw. 2.2 5.5 11 15
Length over motor (L) mm. 1450 1780 2150 2500
Width(W) mm. 1000 1220 1600 2000
Operation Height mm. 1175 1350 1650 2100
Weight of Machine with motor Kgs. 1150 2750 4000 5500


Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer (ANFD) are designed for operation where maximum percentage of liquid in a slurry is separated through mechanical means. The filter works as a completely closed system preventing cross-contamination, possibility of atmospheric pollution from toxic fumes/obnoxious smell generated from the slurry for processes in API, Herbal Extractions, Chemicals and Food Industry.

  • Very high solvent recovery.
  • Eliminates Explosion/fire hazard from spillage due to closed system.
  • Drying under vacuum
  • Optimization of Manpower. All operations can be handled by a single trained person.
  • Very effective washing of cake due to re-slurring resulting in thorough particulate washing.
  • Reduces number of washes, and volume of wash liquor.
  • Possibility of doing reaction, filtration, washing and distillation in the same equipment
  • Available in special construction for sterile applications with high standard of particulate purity.


Sizing, selection of configuration, M.O.C’s, methodology of filtration etc. are based on material characteristics and these are used for proper selection and design based on specific application requirements.  Magtech has vast experience and Pilot Plant facilities which are offered.

  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Nickel/Nickel Alloys
  • Super Stainless Steels
  • Hastelloy
  • Pressure and/or vacuum filter
  • Drying under vacuum
  • Bottom detachable arrangement for ease of cleaning / cloth fixing
  • A flanged and bolted bottom dished end.
  • A welded dished end / flat welded end at the bottom
  • Jacket or Limpet coil for heating
  • Nitrogen Blanketing with seals
  • Agitator with sterile mechanical seal
  • Sampling Valve
  • Electro mechanical drive and hydraulic shaft lift
  •               Hydraulic discharge valve
  • cGMP models for clean room applications
  • customized stirrer designs based on physical characteristics of materials
  • Filter cloth or porous tiles.
  • Linings – FRP / FRV, Rubber, Acid-resistant bricks and tiles or corrosion-resistant fluorocarbons can be offered.

Drying operation can also be carried out in the same equipment. Heat transfer surface can be provided by means of a jacket or limpet coils on the vessel walls. Indirect heating can be provided on the filter base and agitator.


Rotary vacuum paddle dryer is a jacketed / limpet coil cylindrical vessel with a large diameter hollow shaft. Attached to the shaft are hollow paddles provided with specially designed scraper blades, which scrape the entire internal surface of the dryer and continuously move and rotate the material thereby precluding the possibility of material remaining in contact with hot surface for protracted periods of time.

The jacket and hollow shaft with paddles can be heated with hot water, steam or any other thermal fluid capable of providing a large indirect heat transfer area. Cooling can also be done by water, brine or any other refrigerant through the jacket and hollow shaft.

Limpet coil can be provided in lieu of jacket, if liquid heating medium is used. Hard facing of shaft is provided in the area of gland packing or trunnions. Arrangements for nitrogen purging is provided. Bag cleaning arrangement with pulsation by Nitrogen jet injector is provided. Heavy duty trunnions and bearing support the hollow shaft (agitator) and the drive is provided by means of a hollow output gearbox. Provision has also been made to insert four breaker bars inside the dryer shell for particle size reduction. In special cases, stationary scraper blade can be provided to scrap the rotating agitator, for highly sticky materials.

Slurry/wet cake is charged through the charging door while keeping rotation of the agitator on. Vacuum is then applied to the dryer along with dust catcher (mounted on the dryer) condenser and receiver. Heating medium is passed through the jacket and agitator. Vigorous evaporation of moisture takes place under vacuum. The vapor passes through the bag filters of the dust catcher, goes into the condenser and the condensate is collected in the receiver. Evaporation under high vacuum and low temperature results in faster recovery of maximum solvents. Adequate provision has been provided to cater for fluctuations in steam pressure/temperature, in condenser cooling water temperature, moisture content of feed etc. Dry product is discharged via the discharge valve by reversing the agitator rotational direction to “discharge” direction.

  • Ideal for Temperature sensitive materials
  • Almost 100 percent recovery of solvent
  • Low energy consumption
  • Operating Conditions

    Vacuum                               : Upto even 0.6 torr

    Heating Temperature      : 30° to 300°C

    Capacity Ranges

    Gross Capacity: From 500 Ltrs. to 25,000 Ltrs.

     Charging Capacity : 40 to 60% of Gross Capacity depending on the nature of the products.


    Design and selection of the suitable configuration of Rotary Vacuum Dryers for the specific application is extremely important. Magtech Process Equipments Pvt. Ltd. has the necessary expertise and Pilot Plant to ensure proper selection of the system.


VTD is suitable for drying of thermal sensitive materials easily dissolved polymerized or deteriorated under higher temperature. Sterilization can be conducted prior to the drying process during which no matter is allowed to enter the product. Static vacuum dryer eliminates the configuration damage of the drying materials, therefore widely used in pharmaceutical, chemicals and food industries etc.

  • Main body/vacuum chamber SS-316 with heavy duty SS-316 flange and stiffeners
  • Door SS-316 with heavy duty SS-316 flange
  • Shelves hollow type pads SS-316 with flow baffles.
  • limpet coil on vacuum chamber
  • Condenser (shell & tube) and receiver in SS-316L/ SS-304 with isolation valve and flow glass in between to monitor condensation
  • Trays are available in SS-304 / SS-316. All trays are fully die pressed and with rounded corners and edge. Trays are buffed to mirror finish
  • Insulation on the vacuum chamber outer surface except door. The insulation is enclosed and covered with removable SS-304 panels
  • Explosion vent/rupture disc on vacuum chamber
  • Digital temperature controller (flp) with solenoid controlled pneumatic operated valve at hot water inlet
  • Digital temp., indicator (flp) at H.W. Inlet & outlet
  • Dial type vacuum gauge and digital temp, indicator (flp) in vapor line
  • Pressure release valve in steam line
  • Provision for validation port on body
  • View glass/light glass provided on vacuum chamber door, body and receiver
  • Nitrogen purging valve provided on vacuum chamber
  • Vacuum break valve provided on vacuum chamber
  • Drain valve for vacuum chamber and receiver
  • Silicon transparent gasket for door
Technocrats in Reaction, Filtration & Drying System
For API, Pharameaceutical & Chemical Industry.

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